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Collection of the DreamSave App articles, user guides and FAQs.

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Collection of the DreamSave Insights articles, user guides and FAQs.

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    • DreamSave Insights Glossary

      DreamSave Insights Glossary Definitions and Formulas for Terms found in DreamSave Insights Last Updated: November, 06, 2023 Below is a list of terms (in alphabetical order) from DreamSave Insights along with their descriptions and formulas. If you ...
    • DreamStart Labs Data Privacy Policy

      DreamStart Labs Commits to Protecting Your Privacy DreamStart Labs, Inc. (the “Company”, “We”, “Our”) is committed to protecting the privacy of our users (“you”) and being a proactive advocate for consumer protection. Our data privacy policy is based ...
    • What is DreamSave?

      Learn More About DreamSave The DreamSave App DreamSave™ is an innovative mobile app that helps people in developing countries break the cycle of poverty through village savings groups. These savings groups, which act as informal community banks, are ...
    • Phone Requirements for using DreamSave

      Which Phone is best for DreamSave? Overview DreamSave is designed to work with any smartphone running Android 5 or later. This includes most models released after 2012. While Android phone prices continue to fall each year, it’s important to note ...
    • How do I install the DreamSave app?

      Installing the DreamSave App For the First Time DreamStart Labs Provides Access Updated January 2023 The DreamSave app is now publicly available on Google Play Store! Please follow these simple instructions to download DreamSave on any smartphone ...
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    • Welcome to Community

      The Community hub inside Zoho Desk lets you build a powerful community around your business, while still serving customers via other channels. Your customers can post 4 types of content within your community. These are Ideas, Questions, Problems and Discussions. Each of these serves a particular purpose. When your customers have something to discuss with you, they can post a discussion within your community. It's a great way to debate and collaborate. Your customers can ask you specific questions