DreamSave Data Usage

The amount of data and storage DreamSave needs to run optimally

Although DreamSave is designed to work both online and offline, there are a few elements that will need an internet connection such as regular updates, backup of user data or other services running in the background. 

We have carried out some rigorous tests to help users plan for the amount of data they can expect while running DreamSave. 
Data Usage
When budgeting for data usage for a DreamSave project, users should consider these important functions:

  • DreamSave Installation
  • Group Registration
  • Meeting Backups
  • User Data synchronization
  • Periodic updates to DreamSave
  • External Variables

For a typical savings group with 20 - 40 members that meets on a weekly basis, data usage for DreamSave will be around 50MB a month. Data usage will fluctuate during the cycle depending on internal loan activity, but this should be a good ballpark estimate for planning purposes. It is important to note that “external variables” such as other apps running in the phone’s background, may increase data usage as they use the internet connection to sync data. For example, if a user has an email account, the device may check for new emails, and this affects the data plan. 

Storage Usage
For DreamSave to run optimally without any issues, it is recommended to have at least 1GB of free storage space on the device, and at least 1GB of RAM. DreamSave itself uses very little storage space (about 80MB), but group members will usually take photographs to upload to their profiles. For most groups, 1GB free space will be enough for those profile photos and to run DreamSave.

In-app Updates
DreamSave leverages the Google Play's in-app updates feature to enhance the user experience. This means that our users don't have to worry about manually updating the app, and can instead focus on saving money towards their dreams. DreamSave will prompt users to update the app at a convenient time, rather than forcing them to update immediately. In-app notifications to update the app are also in the users' local languages, which makes it more personalized and easy for them to understand. This improves the overall user experience by reducing interruptions and helps us to keep our users happy and engaged with DreamSave.

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