Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Basic Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Basic Plan

What do I need to set up an account?
      It’s simple! You just need to have an active MTN Mobile Money or Tigo Cash wallet. All you do is fill in your mobile number, choose your pin, confirm your pin and finally update user information. Once that’s done, you can either create a new group or join an already existing group through an invitation.

What are the requirements to create and set up a saving group?
      Once the sign up is complete, anyone can create a saving group. A user can create a saving group by setting up different parameters to guide its existence. You should note that for a saving group to be active it needs a minimum of 5 members and a group can’t exceed 15 members maximum.

Am I allowed to leave a saving group?
      Yes! However, note that any dropout is subject to approval by other members. You can’t also request to leave a group when you have unpaid arrears. Once other members approve your dropout request, all your savings with their equivalent incurred interest are wired to you mobile wallet automatically.

What’s the approval process like?
      Once a request has been submitted, it appears in the notification section whereby each member has the right to approve or decline. It’s important to note that for a request to be approved it has to be unanimously approved by all members with no exception. One simple decline cancels a request. Requests range from loan request, social fund request, loan write-off request, dropout request and share-Out request.

How do I invite my friends to join a group?
      It’s simple! After creating a group, you can simply invite your friend by feeling in their names and phone numbers. However, for your friends to view and respond to your invitation they’ll have to download SAVE on Google play or Apple Store.

What’s the difference between the free plan and basic plan?
      A free plan is limited to supervised saving groups operating under the guidance of NGOs also known as practitioners. These are people mainly found at the bottom of social class pyramid. Whereas the basic plan is for independent saving groups, groups with no affiliation and the targeted groups are predominantly in the middle and upper class. In this category, you also have institutional saving schemes that operates independently. These saving groups are referred to as “graduated saving groups”

Do I need a village agent to create a group?
      No! Members of an independent saving group have the capabilities to manage all operations independently.

Who is charged, an individual or a saving group?
      We charge the group per month depending on their monthly savings volume. We do not charge an individual. Each new group has one month free trial to test and get accustomed to the platform.

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